BLOGTOBER DAY 19: Travel post ideas for when you’re not travelling

Hi and welcome to my 19th Blogtober post! Today I will be sharing my list of some suggestions for blog post ideas when you're not travelling. Every travel blogger has that writers block. Especially when you have no recent travel destinations to share about! Most of these ideas can be changed and become infinite! For … Continue reading BLOGTOBER DAY 19: Travel post ideas for when you’re not travelling

BLOGTOBER DAY 14 : London, Greenwich

Hi everyone and welcome to Blogtober day 14. Yesterday I was on location exploring the beautiful location of Greenwich for this post. It was a beautiful day and I’m so thrilled at how photogenic the scenery was. There were particular areas of Greenwich I couldn’t photograph properly due to filming for the TV series Poldark … Continue reading BLOGTOBER DAY 14 : London, Greenwich

BLOGTOBER DAY 12: Brighton in a day – Itinerary

Today's Blogtober post will be about how to see Brighton in a day. This fun packed itinerary is your perfect guide to the city of Brighton if you have a limited time to explore. Brighton is a vibrant city on the coast in Southern England. It's quirky and really great to explore. Come around the … Continue reading BLOGTOBER DAY 12: Brighton in a day – Itinerary

BLOGTOBER DAY 11: Challock woods

Welcome to Blogtober day 11! Today I am going to be writing about another beautiful English gem as part of my new series. If you would like to check out part 1 then visit yesterday’s post all about the stunning Salutation gardens in Sandwich. Today’s gem is Challock wood, situated near Ashford. It truly is … Continue reading BLOGTOBER DAY 11: Challock woods