About me

Hi fellow wanderlusters and welcome to my blog! It’s so very nice to meet you, thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet!

My name is Katie and I have a passion for all things photography, travel and writing. I also love to learn which makes social media and blog strategy one of the best bits of my career! You will find posts on this throughout my blog as well as the travel filled with actionable tips and detailed plans ready to implement to your own business!  I love to explore new beautiful and quirky places and am looking forward to sharing my tips and experiences on here as I travel.

This blog page and all of my social media is going to be focused around travel and beautiful locations, with tips for travelling, ready made itinerary’s, photo inspiration and much more.

The locations include the UK and also many other destinations in the world, follow me on my journey as I travel and explore.

All you need to plan the holiday of your dreams.

So join the family and get ready for an awesome year of travel and adventure! I can’t wait to bring you along with me!

Find us on all the socials at katiethetourist here:

I post daily and am always engaging with you all over there 🙂

Twitter: katiethetourist

Instagram: katiethetourist

Facebook: katiethetourist

Pinterest: katiethetourist


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