Our Honeymoon Trip – Guest post

Our Honeymoon Trip – Joanie’s Guest post

I want to share with you our amazing trip we took a few years ago.  Most people take their honeymoon right after they get married however, we had a 6 month old at the time so we didn’t want to leave him for an extended period of time.  We took our trip when he was 2 years old.  My father offered to take him for the week so we could get away.

We had been talking and researching this trip the entire time lol.  We knew we wanted to go to an all-inclusive resort but we couldn’t figure out how to choose one that would fit our personality.  I talked to a friend at work who had been to a ton of these and she told me to check out Secrets.  So we booked our trip to Secrets Royal in Punta Cana.

The lobby

This place was amazing!  We didn’t arrive until 5pm the first night and they greeted us at the door with champagne!  We checked in and then decided to take a walk around.  We found ourself at the beach bar first.  We then went to the buffet for dinner and just chilled out at the lobby bar at night.  The weather was fantastic!

Jimmy & I at the bar 🙂

The next day we got up and checked out the breakfast buffet.  It was everything we had hoped and MORE!!!  They had EVERYTHING.  So many different kinds of eggs, meats, sides, an omelet station, and some local delicacies.  Once we had our fill we got ready to check out the beach!

beach ended up a bust because we couldn’t get seats too close and we were both too nervous to leave our stuff while going in the water.  So we took a walk on the beach and then decided to scope out the pool.  We found a few seats by the pool and we could hide our key and money in Jimmy’s shoe under the lounge chair so we were good!

Our spot by the pool

So as we were swimming around the lazy river, we saw a bunch of rooms that had their own lounge chair section and looked to be empty.  We had decided that we would check out the situation with the front desk and maybe upgrade if we could.  We were in luck!  They were vacant and could move us right away.  This was perfect!  So while we went to dinner at the steakhouse, which was fantastic, they moved all of our stuff so our new room was ready when we got back.

Hanging by the pool outside our room
The view from our porch

So starting the next day we fell into a routine.  Every day we would get up early, go to the breakfast buffett, go grab our towels by the beach, and start lounging by the pool.  The pool bar had waiters/waitresses start coming around the area at 10am.  What service!  We didn’t even have to head to the bar for a drink!  We got to know our waiter pretty well, he was really cool.

Then every day for lunch we headed to the barefoot grill.   This was the only spot you could grab food while still in your bathing suits.  They had a ton of stuff and the cook put on quite the performance.  They had burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak, ahi ahi, piaya, and of course french fries 🙂  We would get a table on the beach and eat our food, then walk the beach, and then finally head back to chill out by the pool for a little bit.

The Barefoot Grill
Jimmy & I on the beach
That water was amazing!

Every afternoon we would head in for a little nap before showering and getting ready for dinner.  The were so many restaurants to choose from!  We ate at a Japanese steakhouse, a traditional steakhouse, a seafood restaurant, and we had the buffet a couple of times.  The buffet had a different country theme every night.  So many different cuisines to choose from!  The quality of the food was excellent!  I had heard sometimes on these types of resorts that the quality isn’t there but that is not the case for Secrets!  You may spend a little more but it is totally worth it!


After dinner we would head to the outdoor lobby bar.  There was live entertainment every night.  We listened to some jazz music, some latino music, some soft rock, and there was a magic show and a talent show.  We would just sit and hang out and take everything in.   It was spectacular.

The lobby bar
The lobby band

This was truly an amazing trip.  The resort far exceeded our expectations.  The grounds were beautifully kept, the staff was helpful and friendly, the accommodations were astounding, and the price was definitely worth it.  If you are ever looking for an all inclusive vacation, definitely look into Secrets Resorts.  We loved it so much we made plans to go back!  I will be writing about that trip, Secrets Sands in Cancun soon!

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  1. msb.life says:

    omg i would love to go somewhere like this about now – I’m freezing! also I love how excited you were for the breakfast buffet, literally sounds like me haha – great guest post!!:)

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