A quick and simple guide for using the Tube – Guest post by Wanderlust with the DeVaulls

Hi everyone and welcome to the second amazing post of my first guest blogging weekend! You guys loved yesterdays post and I’m sure you will enjoy this one just as much! I am so excited for this new venture and hope to make it a long running series to get all of you involved! Read until the end to find out how YOU can be involved in my next weekend! For my second post of the weekend I have an incredibly helpful guide to about how to use the Tube Enjoy!


If you are visiting London for the first time and want to get the full experience, you have to ride the tube. The tube is the underground transportation system for the City of London and its neighbouring towns. I have some quick tips to share with you guys that I hope will make your first tube ride easier!

  1. Decide how long you will be using the tube. This will help you decide what type of ticket you will need. There are various tickets such as the one day travelcard, seven day travelcard, Oyster Card (Pay as you go), and using a contactless payment card.
  2. Ensure that your ticket is validated regardless of what type of ticket you choose. If you don’t, you run the risk of being fined.
  3. Know what line you need to use to get to your destination. The Transport for London has a handy website and app that can help you with this. It also lets you know of any delays. The stops go by pretty quickly so please stay attentive.
  4. Please be courteous of others. If you see an elderly, disabled, or pregnant person, please offer her/him your seat. The tube moves pretty fast and can be bumpy at times.
  5. Make room for others when people are entering and exiting the tube.
  6. If you are not in a rush to get anywhere, please walk/stand to the right while in the tube station.
  7. Do not ride during peak hours if you don’t have to. It can be way too crowded.
  8. Of course, the most important tip is to mind the gap!

I hope that these tips are able to help you are on your first Tube journey! If you have any questions about the Tube, please don’t hesitate to ask.

As always, thanks for reading!


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