Blogmas day 16: Christmas hamper ideas

Hi and welcome to Blogmas day 16! Christmas is fast approaching and today I thought I would step away from my niche slightly and tell you about my favourite gift idea – the Christmas hamper! This post will give you a list of ideas of ideas on where to buy your hamper and gift ideas of what to put in it! This is my favourite post so far in Blogmas and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


If your relative or friend has a love for all things chocolate, and sweet treats, then a chocolate making hamper is a great gift. Fill jars and cellophane bags with Candy Melts and edible toppings and then decorate with Christmassy ribbons etc. You could even have a go at making your own chocolatey sweet treat to include in the hamper to keep them going during their own chocolate making session. You can also add sweets and other items of their favourite food to make it a truly remarkable gift!


Buy two things of each for the couple to enjoy! It can often be tricky when it comes to buying a Christmas gift for couples. Some gift ideas for the hamper include: two mice pies, two handmade crackers, two hot chocolate lollipops, matching pyjamas and so much more! The possibilities for this quirky hamper is endless!


Know someone who loves alcohol? Fill the hamper with mini bottles of all their favourite drinks and some savoury snacks to go with them! They’ll love the thought and you can even add handmade labels and customise the bottles for Christmas if you have a creative flair!


Do you have a passion for baking? Get cooking and fill a gorgeous hamper with loads of your signature sweet treats for your loved ones! I would suggest making tray bakes as they last longer and are a good size to be wrapped in cute Christmas cellophane and placed in the hamper! You could make anything from Christmas cookies, to rocky road bites and even brownies topped with icing sugar to make them look like snowy delights!


You can fill this with little toys, snacks, juices – anything you know the child would like! You of course have to tailor the hamper’s contents depending on the age of the child, however this is a great idea for babies up until whenever that child denies being a kid anymore!!


Fill this with bath soak, makeup, general beauty items, DVDs, CD’s and things that will help her to relax and smile. You can also write hand made pick me up cards which are especially great if she picks up the hamper on a bad day! The possibilities are endless for these hampers and what you could fill it with! Also include chocolate and her favourite snacks for a truly personalised goody box!

There are of course loads of ideas for hampers, above are my favourite ones. However I will list some more here for you to research further because every gift is specific to the person and it’s up to you what style your loved one would like!

  • Any food theme
  • Any drink theme
  • Gardening theme
  • Crafting/ homemade theme – include your own homemade goods as well as crafting kits etc
  • Spa and bath products
  • Beauty/ makeup theme
  • DVD theme
  • CD theme
  • A relaxing time hamper
  • Tea or coffee theme
  • Sports theme

You can buy the hamper box itself from anywhere, I would recommend The Range for cheap but good quality hampers!

The Range

See the source image

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! See you tomorrow for Blogmas day 17! Have you visited any beautiful Christmassy places yet this year? Are you planning on visiting any? Let me know down below in the comments!

*disclaimer: no images are my own, all rights belong to the respective owners*

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