BLOGTOBER DAY 31: Fireworks Night photo diary

Hi and welcome to the final day of Blogtober! I’m so sad this journey has come to an end, it has been a truly amazing experience for me writing everyday! My new schedule will be posting 4 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 5pm. However this is subject to change – I will publish a new timetable on my site after a couple of weeks trialling these times! But for now lets get into the last day of Blogtober post! Enjoy!

First I would like to talk about the amazing Wildlife Blogger of the year awards! I entered the competition after having it recommended it to me by a fellow travel writer and felt I had the perfect story for it! I’d love your support! I am in the running for two awards – Wildlife Blogger of the year (panel judged) and Wildlife Blogger of the year (Reader’s choice). To read my story and vote for me in the reader’s choice click the link here. My vote number is 10! To vote you need to use the voting form at the end of my post! I really appreciate the support! Thank you in advance! If you vote comment using this form and I’ll send you a pre release of my e products for free when they come out:

20180831_125217 (1).jpg

Today’s post will be about fireworks night. It’s coming up soon on the 5th November so I thought I’d share my pictures! Last year I went to fireworks in a small town called Broadstairs and watched them over the sea! There are loads of other places to go for fireworks night for example Leeds Castle. But I like these because the water has great reflections. Without further a do, here are the pictures:


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For everyone taking part in writing I will advertise your post and of course your own blogs/ social medias across all of my platforms and you can provide back links to your own blogs or social media in the actual post!

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