BLOGTOBER DAY 28: A guest blogging opportunity

Hi everyone, today’s blogtober is slightly different to normal. It’s all about the opportunity for you reading this to become a guest blogger for my channel. Sounds like something you want to do? Keep reading to find out more!

Hi everyone! I’m a travel blogger looking to start a series about other peoples travel experiences!

WHERE TO SEND YOUR GUEST BLOG AND DEADLINE: You would need to send it to my email ( by no later than the 4th November for the first lot (however I hope to make this series to be ongoing)

HOW MANY WORDS! It has to be upwards of 500 words and must include a variety of high quality and well presented own images within the post. As well as your favourite 2 images relating to that trip sent separately via email so I can advertise your post and blog on all of my social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I will spend the time advertising and making sure lots of traffic gets directed back to your blog as well. I can assure you it will be mutually beneficial and I’m really looking forward to helping you grow! You can provide back links to your own blogs or social media in the actual post, however to protect the trust between writer and reader I have placed a limit of 3 back links per post!

It can be on any destination at all and I look forward to hearing from you with your fantastic pieces! I can’t wait to read about your travels and I look forward to working with you!

Don’t forget to email me your UNIQUE pieces of writing by 4th November!


For more photography and sneak previews follow my Instagram and twitter:

Have you checked out my new Work with me page yet?! I’m going to be working as an affiliate, a freelancer, an ambassador for brands as well as tailored services for businesses for example if you need a social media manager and much more! Message me for more details or to ask for a service or product!
Interested in working with me?

Email me at or check out the Work With me page for more details!

Link to page: Work with me!
I look forward to working with you!
For more posts like this one coming soon in Blogtober follow my blog, likes and comments are always appreciated. As well as anyone looking to guest blog or anything like that private message me on Instagram or twitter or drop me a message in the comment section down below.
I’m also in talks with start up brands in the USA currently, if anyone else would be interested let me know on one of my social medias or again in the comment section.
Have a nice day,
Katie 😊

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