BLOGTOBER DAY 27: How to make the most of time on plane journeys

Hey! Welcome back to Blogtober day 27, today I’m going to be talking about how I make the most of the time during plane journeys – especially long ones! We all know how boring plane rides can be! So here are a list of my top 10 productive and of course fun things you could do instead of staring out the window!! I hope this is helpful for you! Do you do any of these things? Any other things you do on plane journeys? Let me know down below in the comments! Without further ado lets get into the top 10 things I do to make plane journeys productive!

  1. Get some work done! Bring your laptop or Ipad and make the most of the journey by sifting through the tasks that can be done without WIFI. For example during my plane journeys I like to write blog posts for the next few days in word and copy and paste them into WordPress to be scheduled so I can make the most of my travel time without having to worry about deadlines! I also like to create more products or edit photos so they’re ready to go next time you want them! This can work for any job you may do – there are always tasks to be done!
  2. Take a portable DVD player with some of your favourite DVDs to while away the time! It really helps you to relax and have a bit of fun during the plane journey. If you have no work to do or nothing else to do then watching films is a fun way to pass time! There are also options to download films or TV shows to Netflix for your convenience. If you have limited space in hand luggage this may be a perfect option for you!
  3. Along the same lines as watching a DVD, you could also listen to music as a way to relax and pass time. This can also be good whilst working to block out noisy distractions!
  4. Sleeping is also a good thing! It is truly a great way to pass time, especially if you have a busy itinerary coming up as soon as you leave the plane.
  5. Write down some plans for future projects or work you would like to do – a bit like a set of accomplishments you would like to achieve and write down what you can do to achieve them. Whether it be a new product you would like to launch or a start a new website! Anything is possible with a bit of prep time and a plane journey is perfect for this!
  6. Go over your itinerary for your trip! Make sure you know all your plans inside out so you don’t waste time actually in the location! Double check you know routes and make sure you’re comfortable with locations! Or you could plan a new trip or write a bucket list – the possibilities are endless!
  7. Wanting to write an eBook? Want to create an e-course? Go for it! Start writing your book on the plane and you never know it could turn out to make you a lot of money! You’ll thank yourself if it does – it’ll be the most productive plane journey you’ve ever had!!
  8. Refresh your emails before taking off and draft replies to them or read some to catch up whilst without WiFi! Or if your plane does have WiFi then sure go ahead, and send them off whilst you have time to think about it! It’s always great to catch up and read emails!
  9. Read a book. During a flight (especially a long one!) gives you plenty of time to read something that you love, or something that could potentially help your career! For example, download some free eBooks. Are you a blogger? Here are some free eBooks I recommend that are helpful in this industry: BLOGTOBER DAY 25: Some exciting news and changes coming soon! (+ my favourite FREE eBooks for bloggers)
  10. Got a favourite podcast? Download it and listen on the flight! Or if you prefer stories you could download an audio book and relax whilst listening to your favourite story!


Thank you for reading my top 10 productive ways to spend a plane journey! See you tomorrow for day 28 blogtober!

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