BLOGTOBER DAY 26: The Grand hotel + Brighton part 2

Hi everyone and welcome to day 26 of Blogtober! I recently wrote a part 1 about Brighton and decided I wanted to make a second post about my second stay – this time at the famous Grand Hotel! It was again only a one night stay but it was an amazing trip and I really wanted to share with you some more photography of the beautiful seaside city! It’s by far my favourite place in the UK! What’s yours? Comment below! Hope you enjoy this post, lets get into it!

DAY 1:

I decided to drive to Brighton rather than get the train so I could leave early and make the most of the day rather than waste time on public transport! The first thing I did when arriving in Brighton was of course go to the shopping centre! Brighton has an incredible centre with all the big high street names, perfect for all shopping lovers! I happily spent the morning wandering round the shops as well as stopping for a coffee in my all time favourite cafe – Costa!


After I was all shopped out I headed to the amazing Jamie’s Italian! It truly is my all time favourite restaurant and it’s such a relaxed atmosphere! A perfect way to spend a lunchtime in Brighton! There are many other restaurants in the city too however Jamie’s is my go to whenever I visit unless I decide to eat out at the Marina!


After a lovely lunch I checked into The Grand, the decor and whole atmosphere is truly perfect! I really enjoyed my stay and the dressing gowns are just pure perfection! (Haha I know I’m weird – anyone else love hotel dressing gowns!?) By the time I’d got to my hotel room after a late lunch it was time to get ready for the evening! I went to see the incredible Flashdance the musical at the local Brighton theatre – the music was great and all the dancing was just mesmerising! Sunsets on the way to the theatre are amazing too, well worth a quick photo!



Day 2 started off with a lovely free breakfast at the Grand, it offered a wide range from fruit to a hot cooked breakfast and was the perfect start to the day! I then set off on a morning walk after checking out of the hotel, Brighton in the early morning is the best because the tourists on the trains haven’t arrived yet and it’s lovely and peaceful!


I walked by landmarks such as the old burnt out West Pier, the main Brighton pier as well as just taking a walk along the pebbles. The main Brighton pier is a great place to explore and does the best smoothies on one of the many lovely kiosks! All prices are reasonable for a city! I also managed to find a decorative seagull who sat obligingly on the post for foreground in my picture!!



I then took the tourist train to the marina and walked around the grounds including the beautiful fountain in the centre square. I also walked by the boats and went to the restaurant Prezzo for lunch – another Italian!! They do the most amazing food and the restaurant had incredible views over the water and the boats! I also got the tourist train back to main Brighton – it’s amazingly affordable and a good thing to do if you have limited time in Brighton because you don’t waste time walking half an hour each way between areas!


For my final few hours in Brighton I went back to the beachfront to get a drink at one of the cafes as well as taking some more photos! I also went to the Royal Pavilion and sat in the gardens for a while. It was a beautiful day and there were amazing reflections in the water, I spent a good hour photographing from different angles! Brighton truly is a photography lovers dream!


Finally it was time to say goodbye, I took one last walk along the promenade and then headed back to the car park. It was a great trip and just looking at these photos makes me want to go back! Hope you enjoyed this post! If you did follow my blog so you don’t miss my future posts and be sure to hit the like button and leave a comment!


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