BLOGTOBER DAY 25: Some exciting news and changes coming soon! (+ my favourite FREE eBooks for bloggers)

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! If you’re new here then welcome! I’m a travel blogger, follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss any of the exciting things coming soon! There will be lots of freebies as well as some paid services that are coming soon. I’m also close to confirming some work with some big brands and companies so make sure to stay tuned for discount codes on top products! Join me on my journey! For this post I’m going to be sharing a list of all the FREE eBooks and resources you can research at your leisure that have helped me to grow and start earning in just 2 months! There is also one YouTuber I will be sharing who is just amazing! Anyone just starting out as a blogger needs to check her out! So here we go, lets get into my list! (none of these are sponsored, I have picked these based on their usefulness!)

First of all let me talk about the YouTuber who inspired me to start trying to make money and replying to the brands who wanted to work with me! With her incredible advice and real life experiences – I find her channel and website incredibly helpful! She has free and paid services perfect for whatever budget you have! The YouTuber is Gillian Perkins of and her channel is

Now lets get on to my list of free resources and eBooks!

All are available as a PDF – I use ibooks on my iPad to download this!

  1. Instagram audit checklist (it’s a resource from Later and is 3 pages long – it’s handy to fill out to have a true representation of your account so you know what you need to change!)
  2. A guide to Affiliate Marketing (a 164 page resource by the eMarketing institute – shows you all the basics of affiliate marketing!)
  3. Get your Instagram together challenge workbook (a 12 page resource again by later to help you control your strategies for Instagram marketing!
  4. This is a resource by Gillian Perkins, its the Infopreneur’s guide to building a profitable business ( It’s 29 pages long and a really useful guide to download!)
  5. 40 profitable affiliate programs for bloggers (by, it only has 5 pages but it really is a great resource to have!)
  6. Want more free resources for blogging? Check out this download called the ultimate list of blogging freebies (written by Moms Make Cents and its 20 pages long)
  7. Another resource by Moms Make Cents called Traffic Tactics is also one I use regularly to grow my blogs traffic! It truly is 32 pages of true inspiration and great ideas!
  8. One of my favourite free eBooks is called How to use Instagram for business. It’s a 49 page document and goes through lots of amazing tips with you.
  9. I am so in love with this bonus guide about Blog traffic by Lena Gott, it’s 18 pages and really helpful!
  10. I have yet another amazing eBook by Gillian Perkins to end my top 10! Its’s called The eight ways to make money online explained. It’s 14 pages and pure amazing content, it’s really great and full of incredible advice and ways to grow and monetise!

Thank you so much for reading this relatively short post about exciting news coming soon and my top 10 eBooks for blogging. The news will be launched soon across all social media and of course this blog site so please make sure you follow my blog and social medias so you don’t miss out on all sorts of beneficial things coming soon! See you tomorrow for the next blogtober!

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Have a nice day,
Katie 😊

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