BLOGTOBER DAY 23: Photo diary – Ashdown Forest

Hi everyone and welcome to my 23rd day of Blogtober! Today I’m going to share with you my photography from being on location the other day in the stunning Ashdown Forest! The location that inspired the children’s book series Winnie the Pooh. Today I will share with you photos from the Winnie the Pooh trail! I hope you enjoy!

First up I will include a map of the trail for your convenience:

There are many free car parks as you can see from the map below. I used the Gills Lap car park because it is situated right at the start of the trail. However it doesn’t matter where you start as the trail is fairly circular past all of the car parks.


Here are some photos from the trail for you to enjoy. Including the inspiration for the Heffalump trap and of course the beautiful memorial for A.A. Milne.


A stunning location for a picnic! ^


The start of the walk past Gill’s Lap car park! ^


Looking across the valley at stunning panoramic views! ^


The moving memorial and tribute to A.A. Milne! Situated near the car park! ^


The sloping valley! ^


Some snaps of woodland paths through “100 acre wood”! ^


Path past some beautiful Shetland ponies! ^


More valley walks! ^


Love the woodland at this time of year! It’s truly stunning! ^


Very tired by this point but well worth it!!! ^


The Heffalump trap! ^


I also visited the famous Pooh bridge – although swarming with tourists if you wait for them to pass by you can get some pretty good pictures! Its an iconic location and a must visit spot of the forest!


There is also the stunning Winnie the Pooh shop in the nearby Village of Hartfield, it’s well worth a visit and has some beautiful items available to buy!


Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Know anymore beautiful locations in the world that you’d like me to visit? Let me know down below in the comments!
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