BLOGTOBER DAY 22: My top travel tips

Hi and welcome to Blogtober day 22! Today I will be sharing my top travel tips with you to help plan the best trip possible and keep everything running smoothly! These are my favourite tips and tricks to make your next holiday the best ever!! If you have any tips of your own feel free to share them with me below! Hope these are useful!

  1. Make Sure You Have All Required Documents to Travel – this is an obvious and essential one! You will not be able to travel without it!
  2. Pack an Adaptor – always check the country you’re travelling to! Make sure to pack an adaptor before travelling – airport prices are incredibly expensive!
  3. Pack Light – Don’t pack your entire wardrobe no matter how tempted you are! You won’t need it I promise you!
  4. Travel with Local Currency – Don’t wait until you get to the place, its so much more expensive! It’s always best to get your currency before you travel!
  5. Try to learn the Language – use apps such as Duolingo or find language guides to help you learn the basics of the language!
  6. Avoid Roaming Charges – Make sure you turn off the roaming settings on your phone to avoid racking up extra nasty charges!
  7. Check in for your flight online! – It’s hassle free and means you don’t have to queue up at the check in desk! I swear by this tip every time I travel! It saves so much time!
  8. Use the right cheap flight-finding site – I personally use Sky Scanner, 99% of the time it comes up with deals and cheap flights!

  9. Check out travel guides for your destination before you go – Always know what you want to do and see as well as places to eat before you travel! It saves an awful lot of stress once you’re there!
  10. Check if you need a visa – Always check before you travel! Make sure to research the countries details, also ensure you leave enough time in advance if you do need a visa as it might take a while to come through.

  11. Ensure your passport’s valid and in good condition – Another basic tip – again you won’t be able to travel without it!

  12. Always pay in Euros – On holiday in Europe? On a flight and want some refreshments? Always pay in Euros – you save yourself money with every purchase due to the exchange rates!


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See you tomorrow for Blogtober day 23!

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