BLOGTOBER DAY 19: Travel post ideas for when you’re not travelling

Hi and welcome to my 19th Blogtober post! Today I will be sharing my list of some suggestions for blog post ideas when you’re not travelling. Every travel blogger has that writers block. Especially when you have no recent travel destinations to share about! Most of these ideas can be changed and become infinite! For example do the same post but for different places you’ve visited in the past! So, here are my top 30 blog post ideas for when you don’t have any new destinations to write about:


  1. What to pack
  2. My travel bucket list
  3. Free things to do in _________
  4. How to travel on a budget
  5. 50 things not to miss in ___________
  6. Ultimate guide to travelling
  7. See ______ in a day
  8. 10 interesting facts about ___________
  9. 20 facts about ___________ that are actually lies
  10. Events in ________ coming up in 2019
  11. Best things to do in ____________ in Summer/ Winter/ Spring/ Autumn
  12. Ultimate list of resources for travel in _________
  13. Top most visited places in the world and why you should visit
  14. Top travel tips
  15. What’s in my travel makeup bag
  16. What’s in my travel carry on bag
  17. Go to travel apps
  18. Go to apps for plane boredom
  19. Where to go/ shop/ eat/ stay in ____________
  20. Travel guide to __________
  21. _______: the basic language guide (Spanish, French, German etc)
  22. Tips and hacks posts (always a winner!)
  23. How to make the most of time on plane journeys
  24. Photo diary of a place you once visited
  25. Travel post ideas for when you’re not travelling (help a fellow blogger out with your ideas!) – if you have a post like this already link me in the comments and I’d love to check it out!
  26. My favourite travel bloggers and why you should follow them
  27. Inspire people to travel –( For example, Why you love to travel? and Why do you think other people should travel?)
  28. Budget travel tips
  29. Travel photo tips
  30. Write guides to local areas near you

Hope this was helpful. If you use any of these ideas let me know in the comments! I’d love to read them!

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