BLOGTOBER DAY 18: Rochester

Hi and welcome to day 18 of Blogtober! Today this post will mainly be photography all about the beautiful English town of Rochester. It truly is a stunning location with so much to see and do. Another one of England’s hidden gems in my series! I want to share with you my pictures and short captions with each one. It is a beautiful place for photography and architecture. I really hope you enjoy this post!

The main places to visit in Rochester are Rochester Cathedral (free) and Rochester Castle (a small fee if you want to enter). They are both truly stunning areas as well as the beautiful views over the river Medway.

First of all I’ll start by showing you my pictures of Rochester Cathedral. Most of these were taken from the castle battlements where you can get stunning exterior views. However there is also the small garden area round the back of the cathedral itself.


The view of Rochester Cathedral from the top of the neighbouring castle. With the River Medway in the background of photo number 1. ^


The gardens out the back of Rochester Cathedral. Home to stunning flowers and amazing things to place in photo foregrounds. ^


A view across the River Medway from just outside the castle! A brilliant place for photography as well as a picnic lunch if it’s nice weather!


My final images for you of the beautiful Rochester castle. ^ It really is worth a visit, views from the top with the stone cobbles in the foreground is just a beautiful photo opportunity!

See you tomorrow for Blogtober day 19!

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