BLOGTOBER DAY 14 : London, Greenwich

Hi everyone and welcome to Blogtober day 14. Yesterday I was on location exploring the beautiful location of Greenwich for this post. It was a beautiful day and I’m so thrilled at how photogenic the scenery was. There were particular areas of Greenwich I couldn’t photograph properly due to filming for the TV series Poldark taking place. However, I will show you the photos I did get, hope you enjoy.

I stayed in a hotel near the o2 arena due to the fact I went to see Michael McIntyre live on Friday evening. I thought that given the fact I had a hotel for the night, the next day was the perfect opportunity to explore London. The show itself was brilliant, I would truly recommend seeing him live if you’re into comedy! It truly was the perfect evening. Canary Wharf at night is stunning too when you’re walking back from the o2!



In the morning, I got the boat from the pier just behind the o2 arena. Alternatively, you can walk for half an hour to get to the same destination. I chose the boat option because I just thought it was a great experience and a bit of fun. The boat ride itself is only about 8 minutes but its worth it! It allows you to make the most of your day in Greenwich.


The clipper gets in opposite the Cutty Sark boat which is perfect for photography (especially in the morning when its quiet). There is the option to go on the boat and explore, however given my limited time frame and the cost I decided against it. The exterior of the Cutty Sark is stunning though and a brilliant opportunity to introduce camera angles for the best shot.


There are also beautiful views over looking canary wharf all along the water front for you to enjoy. I could’ve spent hours there just relaxing and snapping photos, especially as the lighting varies so much throughout the day.


Next up I just walked a long by the river looking at all the impressive architecture. Some of the museums are free to go in, however it was so sunny I didn’t really want to be indoors. The leaves and branches at this time of year make especially good foregrounds for photography. Especially when taking shots of these impressive buildings. There are plenty of interesting architectural features that will never fail to surprise you! So just explore and who knows what you’ll find.


As I said earlier, one of the buildings in the front line by the river I was unable to photograph due to Poldark filming scenes there. However, watching the filming was fascinating and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. It was so interesting and just typical of London! It was truly great to watch.


Next up was the Greenwich market, a lively and bustling area full of stalls. There are traditional juice bars, handbag shops, gift shops, anything you could imagine. I didn’t spend long there because it was so hot, however I got a juice from one of the stalls and the whole market is really instagrammable.


In my opinion, Greenwich’s true gem is Queens House with its beautiful gardens, Greenwich Park and of course the famous Meridian Line. There’s so much to see with stunning views and again if you visit early its nice and quiet. I started off by walking around the exterior of the house and its surrounding gardens. Its quiet and tranquil – perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of London.


Next you can take a walk up the hill and honestly despite the walk the views are stunning. To get spectacular views over London for free is just incredible – a hotspot for all photographers that find themselves in London. You can see the Shard, Canary Wharf, Queens House and so much more. The views are indescribable. Photography really doesn’t do it justice!


My favourite part was however surprisingly not the views. It was the fact that I discovered a way to stand on the meridian line for free without having to pay £15 for the pleasure! It is a true gem and although many of you may know about it already I feel I have to explain! There is a black iron gate to the side of the Meridian clock which looks like a turnstile. It is completely free to get through and the edge of the line is visible down the side of the wall and on the floor – a free way to explore the meridian line – perfect for those on a budget! There are also beautiful leaves hanging down a bit further around the corner perfect for foreground in more stunning photo shots.


After my triumph at the meridian line, I decided to head down into Greenwich park itself. With the leaves changing colour it truly is magical for autumn vibes. It will probably get even prettier in the next few weeks so check it out this October! There are many areas including: a kids mini boating lake, perfect for the family to enjoy. A separate flower garden lined with bright colours and quirky trees – also perfect for kids as most have leaves hanging down creating den like enclosures! There is also a lake with lots of bird life surrounding it which again makes for stunning photography foreground!


Finally, my time in Greenwich was up and it was time to head home and start writing the post!! It was a fantastic day though and a truly stunning location. I hope you enjoyed my insights into London, Greenwich as well as all the photography!

Have you visited Greenwich? Know any other places you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

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