BLOGTOBER DAY 12: Brighton in a day – Itinerary

Today’s Blogtober post will be about how to see Brighton in a day. This fun packed itinerary is your perfect guide to the city of Brighton if you have a limited time to explore. Brighton is a vibrant city on the coast in Southern England. It’s quirky and really great to explore. Come around the city with me as I tell you the best places to visit in this lovely resort.

You can reach Brighton in many ways. There is a local and easily accessible station with train links from all over the place including London and the South East. It is also close to Gatwick airport and accessible by car. So however you decide to travel to Brighton, it is a relatively easy journey.

I started off my trip at the Royal Pavilion. If you are walking from the train station it is easy to get to from the main high street. You can go in and look at the interior which is beautiful or you can just explore the gardens at your leisure. There are plenty of places to sit and relax as well as it being a perfect picnic location. I spent an hour just walking around the grounds as well as snapping beautiful photos. There are brilliant reflections in the water towards the back wall opposite the pavilion. To make the most of this photo opportunity, snap the shot from a lower angle to maximise the reflection.

Link to the Pavilion’s website including prices to enter the building and view the interior:


Next I headed to the beachfront, where you can take photos of the old West Pier, the pebbled beach front, the main Brighton pier and so much more. The possibilities are endless. If you go down onto the beach, you can relax whilst watching the waves, go down onto a lookout platform for brilliant views or pick up an ice cream from one of the stores! I would recommend Boho Gelato.

Link (includes prices, location and flavours):



I decided to get a drink from one of the cafes on the Boardwalk. The tables are right on the beachfront and having drinks in the foreground of a photo is really aesthetically pleasing and interesting to anyone looking at your pictures. It’s also really nice to just sit and relax, especially during nice weather.


I also headed to the Brighton pier. There are opportunities to go on rides, visit the cafes and shops as well as photography. I just focused on the photography aspect due to the short amount of time I had. I also took the time to relax on the deckchairs. I thought they were really quaint and a true representation of Brighton’s culture.



I went into the cultural backstreets of Brighton. The street of North Laine is a hub, full of quirky shops and cafes. If you are looking for jewellery, then the backstreets of Brighton are perfect! I stopped off at a traditional and vibrant cafe situated in the heart of North Laine – they do excellent smoothies! Again very photography worthy and instagrammable.


Finally, I headed to the Marina. It’s a short walk or you can get the tourist train. There are a variety of lovely shops and restaurants. The photos looking out over the boats were beautiful. I went to Cafe Rouge which overlooked the beautiful boats. I tried their refreshing fruit salad and sat and relaxed in the sunshine.


Hope you enjoyed the post!

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