BLOGTOBER DAY 11: Challock woods

Welcome to Blogtober day 11! Today I am going to be writing about another beautiful English gem as part of my new series. If you would like to check out part 1 then visit yesterday’s post all about the stunning Salutation gardens in Sandwich. Today’s gem is Challock wood, situated near Ashford. It truly is a mesmerising location perfect for all the family, dogs or just for a gentle stroll. It is also a perfect opportunity for some photography, especially as we get later on into October and the leaves start to change colour.

I hope you enjoy. Visited Challock wood before? Know of any other beautiful English gems you would recommend? Leave a comment down below!

First of all, I would like to point out that parking is free at the woods and right next to the entrance. It is well signposted so therefore easy to get to. You can walk at your own pace and make up your own directions; or you could follow the woods’ sculpture trail. I decided to just explore randomly and I’m very glad I did, the most impressive sculpture in the woods has been taken down, and the others are a bit obscure and not really in my opinion worth following a set trail to see. However, if you wish to follow the route there are a couple of nice sculptures along the way. I found these separately without following the trail so will leave some photos here.


I took my dog on the woodland walk and it was beautiful. I didn’t follow any particular signs I just walked and spent around 3 hours just snapping photos and taking in the scenery. It is a great one for just a gentle stroll, however from what I could see there weren’t many benches along the route so make sure to be aware of that before going.



There is lovely lighting in the woods for photography. I went during the middle of the afternoon (around 2pm till 5pm) and it was perfect. You have to see the place to believe it, its like stepping out of reality for an afternoon. It truly is a lovely place. There is a map by the entrance to the woods for your convenience, if you are looking to follow the trail I would recommend taking a photo of the map as some of the signs signalling the path have fallen down.


It is all about the right angles in the wood land settings, so you can get the right balance of light and definition. The angle of the camera or phone depends on the lighting and the object you want to focus on. For example, if it’s a plant you want to photograph you have two options – you can make the plant sharp and background blurry, or indeed the other way around. Its your choice depending on what style you want. In woods it is also key to have a foreground, for example a branch or hanging plant to give a photo some interest. I will insert my photography below for some inspiration.


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