BLOGTOBER DAY 8: Gran Canaria

BLOGTOBER day 8 about Gran Canaria.

I’m going to be talking about the gorgeous Canary Island of Gran Canaria. Can I just start by saying how amazing Gran Canaria is, I fell in love with its culture and temperature, it’s a beautiful location so I would really recommend giving it a visit. I stayed in a small all-inclusive hotel just a 2-minute walk from the beachfront, the hotel is called Las Folias and I’ll link it down below, so you can check it out for yourself. Its situated in the quiet resort of San Agustin a perfect location for photography and relaxing. Whether you’re going solo or with your friends there is plenty to do including a day trip to the stunning location of Little Venice or take a trip of Gran Canaria into the mountains. I will be talking about both of these later in the blog post.



Las Folias hotel:


First of all, I’m going to talk about the resort of San Agustin, it has all the basic amenities including a shopping centre with all the shops and restaurants you could need however staying in an all-inclusive hotel I didn’t need to use any restaurants that were there, but they did look good quality and especially the front-line restaurants and bars had fantastic views. The resort is quiet and picturesque and a perfect distance from excursion departures and Little Venice which I will talk about later in the blog post. I spent most of the time walking around the area taking photos as well as relaxing on the beach or by the pool, however I did want to see some more of Gran Canaria, so I went out for 2 days of my 7 day stay.


The first day I went out of San Agustin was an organised tour that left from the 5-star hotel down the road (tours and excursions vary and may be subject to change so do your own research before going) The tour was a coach ride that first took us to a stunning ravine in which we visited a cave house as well as took photos of the stunning scenery.


Next, we all got back on the coach and visited the Aloe Vera plantation, it was fascinating, and everyone got a talk about how the plants were grown and how they’re used in their own language. There were also products to sample as well as a shop however I found the products very pricey!


The highlight of the trip for me was the lovely town of Firgas! We really didn’t get long enough there, it truly is a beautiful gem, so old fashioned, quaint and traditional. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay for the whole tour I would recommend hiring a car and just visiting the town – the photography opportunities are incredible, especially the beautiful Canary Island plaques, the cascading waterfall and the ceramic benches lining the path. It is a true gem!


There are loads of stunning views on the coach journey including a beautiful photo stop up in the mountains overlooking the surrounding hills and settlements of Gran Canaria. As well as a 5-minute drive on to a lunch break with a 3-course set menu at a quaint restaurant in the mountains (not included in the tour price but a very reasonable 11 euros per person).


We also visited the traditional town of Fataga with its old fashioned and white washed building design and a lovely square. It wasn’t a very long stop but it’s a very instagrammable location, so I would recommend snapping some great shots whilst you’re there. That was the last location of the tour before the coach took us back down the mountain and to the hotels.


The second day trip I planned myself and didn’t go with a guide, I got a bus from up by the shopping centre in San Agustin to the stunning location of Puerto de Mogan, also known as Gran Canarias’s ‘Little Venice’. It truly is worth a visit with its palm tree lined canal out to the sea as well as its beach and quaint shops, especially as the bus fare to get there is so reasonable!


The streets in particular I spent a good hour walking round and photographing, they truly are beautiful, white washed buildings usually surrounded by gorgeous flowers. As well as arches allowing water to pass through surrounded by pink flowering bushes making the whole area feel like a movie set.


The area with the boats is also stunning and a great place to sit and watch the world go by as well as there being a number of great restaurants that are affordable and have great food!


Another hidden gem that I stumbled across completely by accident is a viewing platform up above the town looking across the bay, you can reach this spot by walking up through a white washed housing settlement (there are signs as you get further up) its quite a climb however the views are spectacular and well worth the walk – as well as saying hi to some of the resident stray cats up there!


Gran Canaria was a fantastic trip and I would really recommend it to anyone who wants somewhere beautiful and traditional to visit. Thank you for reading my day 8 blogtober post, hope you enjoyed seeing my photography and hearing about my trip. See you tomorrow for day 9.

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