BLOGTOBER DAY 6: Las Palmas, Dolphin and Whale watching

BLOGTOBER DAY 6: Las Palmas in a week and dolphin + whale watching

The beautiful resort of Las Palmas is really worth a visit, it is a quiet and relaxing island with temperatures especially high in the winter months which makes it a great break from long UK winters, I visited in February and it was lovely and warm throughout my stay.



Most of my visit was spent in the town I was staying in, a short promenade perfect for evening walks, a hotel well equipped with entertainment and a varied restaurant as well as a range of shops lining the beach front. The views from my balcony in Puerto de Naos was stunning, especially in the early morning and evening.


I wanted this trip to be a relaxing travel away from life’s stresses however I did enjoy immersing myself in the local culture the area had to offer and found the photography on the island to be incredible. There are many palm trees that make for excellent foreground to pictures as well as cacti plants found further up, you can then get fantastic angles with interesting plant and rock life to make your pictures stand out. I found this was especially relevant to Las Palmas in particular because there are so many incredible structures to place centre stage.


I also visited local free banana plantations which was fascinating to see where they grow and just how many of them there are. They stretch for ages and the ones that flower are especially beautiful and in a way intriguing. The plantation stretches right out to where the land meets the sea and there is this gorgeous quiet patch of rocks usually used for fishing, a hidden gem for photography, just follow the path through the bananas and it leads straight down to the spot. You can also find chickens and their chicks in and around the plants which are always a lovely sight and very cute – especially if you see the chicks!


There are also some lovely sunsets with palm trees in the foreground therefore giving a lovely picture opportunity. I’ll share some down below here:


I wanted to see the island by boat, so I took a minibus to the neighbouring town and took a day’s island boat trip, it was a fantastic trip and I would really recommend it. It is a trip to spot whales and dolphins and I was lucky, the trip saw loads! Especially dolphins! It was such an amazing experience and the dolphins came so close to the boat. Less whales were seen however even just seeing them once was incredible and truly unforgettable. We also journeyed round caves as well and a town built into the cliff face.


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