My story – why i started blogging

Everything in life happens for a reason, the ups and the downs, the good parts and the bad parts – it all has its own unique path that you were meant to follow. Even when the path gets stormy, if you just have faith that everything is happening for a reason then you’ll be okay, I promise you. The rain will come and you just need to find your “umbrella” in life, the one thing that you love more than life that will keep you protected till the storm passes. For me, blogging is my umbrella, whenever I’m sad or things get tough I write about it, I just pour my heart out and let it all go, I decided to turn this writing into something more positive, which is why I started my travel blog, I am on a journey at the moment through a very heartbreaking and challenging time, and this blog is actually helping me to get through it, it’s because of the small milestones for example my Instagram hitting 400 follows or a post getting 90+ likes that remind me of my life’s purpose. I’ve always loved writing and now it’s my escape, and if it helps people plan epic travel trips or enjoy the photography in the mean time then it’s a win win.

Not a lot of people care right now, and I’ve felt so alone, but that’s alright, because in life people change and they come and go, and I learnt that through time and time again of heartache and pain at losing someone each time they walked away, that nothing in life is permanent except you in that moment, you have to rely on yourself and become your own best friend, because at the end of the day the only person you can truly rely on is you.

Yeah it’s truly heartbreaking to see someone you care about walking away, but it’s better to walk alone and be happy and true to yourself than walk in a group or with someone else and be sad and miserable.

Find something that makes you happy, throw all of your heart and soul into that thing and let it be your umbrella during the dark times and your light at the end of the tunnel. Have faith that it will all be okay in the end and trust that it will all work out how it’s supposed to, sometimes the best thing you can do in life is make the hardest decision, choose the hardest path and make the choice to walk away from the thing you don’t want to lose but that’s hurting you so much to hold onto. Believe that although the initial hurt will be there, it’s going to cause you less pain in the future.

From experience I know that this sucks, but you WILL get through it and you CAN get through it, you don’t need anyone to succeed except yourself.

I used to be terrified of being alone, but ever since I started my blog in the middle of a really dark time last month it’s slowly built me back up, made me more independent and given me the strength to be alone. The positivity I’ve received about my blog posts, my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook has been incredible, to all of you beautiful people out there who have commented amazing things it truly has impacted my life in such a big way and made me stronger. Thank you for all of the incredible support you’ve shown me in different ways, I hope we can all learn and grow together.

Sorry for the double post today, I just felt I wanted to explain the reasons behind my starting a blog and I know not many people may see this and it’s strayed off of the normal travel theme in a way however i just had to share my story, as a massive thank you to all the people who have connected with me and joined me on my journey so far, and also a thank you for the people who will join me in the future. I’m so thankful for you all. Also to say that I’m not a wannabe blogger, I write because it helps me and I’m passionate about writing.

It’s really good to open up, if this helps even just one person who may be struggling out there then that makes me feel so glad to be alive and on this platform.

If anyone needs anybody to talk to or just wants to connect my dms and also the comment section are always open on Instagram and Twitter at katiethetourist or you can email me at as well as leaving a comment on this post, I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading my reasons for starting blogging, and to you reading this right now, just know that it will be okay in the end, believe in yourself.
See you again for tomorrow’s Blogtober ❤️
– Katie

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