BLOGTOBER DAY 5: Zakynthos

Hi everyone and welcome to my 5th BLOGTOBER post all about the picturesque Greek island of Zakynthos. I went there a little while ago but i thought it was well worth a mention because the scenery is absolutely stunning.


While most of my 10 day stay was spent relaxing in the well known summer resort on the beautiful sandy beaches and swimming in the sea, i did decide to see a bit of the island as well by doing two boat tours all around some of the islands highlights.


The first boat tour took us round the stunning blue waters surrounding the island looking at arches, caves and many more natural beauties. There was also opportunity on 2 occasions to jump off the boat and swim in the water (which was surprisingly very warm!) However only do this if you are a confident swimmer as it is very deep. It also took us to a stunning beach for a stop where you can swim, relax or explore!



The second boat trip was my favourite though! It took me to the lovely shipwreck island which although it is full of tourists it’s a lovely place to be. There is also the Poseidons rock which is a sought after photo location so you may have to queue however it really is worth it! The tour also visited a couple more of the blue caves as well as allowing a swim stop (not as deep) Neither tour was very expensive however you would need to check up to date pricing for exact details!


The rest of my stay was spent in the town itself, for people who like bustling this definitely isn’t the place for you however for a quieter more relaxing stay it is perfect! The hotel i stayed at was half board so the little shops, bars and restaurants there were weren’t an issue!


I was also there during a storm over the sea which was fantastic! I’ll insert my picture of the strike here for you:


Zakynthos truly is a gem – great for photography – especially sunsets even on a phone camera! I’ll insert some of my favourite sunset shots here:



Thank you so much for reading, i hope you’re enjoying my BLOGTOBER, have you been anywhere nice on travels? Tag me in your photos on instagram twitter or facebook at katiethetourist. Any comments, likes, follows would really be appreciated 🙂

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