BLOGTOBER DAY 4: Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna

BLOGTOBER day 4: Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna

This beautiful piece of vibrant architecture can be found just a 20 minute stroll from Schwarzenbergplatz and i felt it deserved it’s own post separate to all of the other Vienna itineraries because of how beautiful and unusual it is.



It is a brilliant place for photography and if you go around 10 or 11 am neither Hundertwasserhaus or it’s neighbour museum Kunst Haus are very busy which is great for admiring it’s beauty.


If you are in the Vienna area it’s a true gem and should be a must visit for all tourists and locals alike.



Most of Vienna’s buildings are traditional and grand, including buildings surrounding the houses which makes the house even more wacky and incredible to see it against such impressive architecture!


It doesn’t take long to visit (around 20 minutes) however if you want to spend longer and don’t mind paying a bit of money then it is well worth going in the museum and learning more about the designer and the backstory as well as visiting the traditional gift shop and cafe situated by the main Hundertwasserhaus, however as you can imagine the prices are expensive given as it is a recommended tourist destination so make sure you budget for it if it’s something you’d like to do, other than that it’s all free and an amazing asset to your Vienna trip!


Thank you for reading my 4th BLOGTOBER post, i hope you enjoyed reading about Hundertwasserhaus and enjoyed seeing my photography of both houses.

Have you been or are you going to see either house? Tag me in your photos on instagram, Twitter or Facebook at katiethetourist – I’d love to see them!!

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