BLOGTOBER DAY 3: Schonbrunn Palace and Zoo

Blogtober: Schönbrunn palace, horse and carriage ride and zoo

Hi and welcome to my 3rd Blogtober post about the lovely Schönbrunn palace and zoo. It is well worth a visit; the palace and zoo take a full day to visit and it was a lovely end to my visit to Austria. You can get to Schönbrunn by tram for only a couple of euros and it is only a few stops up the line so doesn’t take very long which is great especially for me as I had to catch a flight later on in the evening meaning I needed to get back to my hotel quickly at the end of the day.

When I got to the palace I went straight to where the Fiakers were waiting because I knew I wanted to go on a horse and carriage ride before I left Vienna. In my opinion the ride through the palace was better than what was on offer in Vienna city, mainly because the palace grounds are peaceful, there’s no traffic to disrupt the ride and its just an ideal setting. The price was high however if you budget for it from the start of your trip it really is worth it, even for just 25 minutes. The driver tells you information on your way round and at the end takes photos of you in the carriage on your phone or camera. I’m pretty sure payment is made by cash only though so make sure you have enough.


After the carriage ride I decided to walk around the palace grounds and just take in the scenery at my own pace as well as taking photos. The grounds are beautiful and there are many interesting things to see including many fountains.


After this I decided to walk up the hill to the gorgeous Gloriette monument which is well worth the walk especially as looking back you see the amazing views over the palace and the surrounding area. The gloriette itself is very spectacular and really worth a photo stop.


Finally, I visited the wonderful Schönbrunn zoo, first I had lunch at the main restaurant – wiener schnitzel again of course! The food was lovely however the waiter was rude and unfriendly, especially when due to budget I couldn’t tip he just replied “Well thank you for nothing then” which I thought ruined the whole experience.


Some of my favourite animals at the Zoo + photography:















Sea lions:











And many more gorgeous and stunning animals that you can get up close to! It really is worth a visit, there are so many opportunities to take beautiful photos as well as experience the animals in a relaxed environment.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on the Schönbrunn zoo and Palace, if you’re in the Vienna area it really is a gem. Blogtober is so fun to write, any comments or feedback would be lovely, follow for updates when I post and stay tuned for the rest of my Blogtober 😊

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