BLOGTOBER DAY 2: Melk and River Danube

Melk and the Danube river: BLOGTOBER day 2

Hi and welcome to my 2nd Blogtober post all about Melk and the Danube river boat trip!

On the 4th day of my Austria travels I decided a boat trip was in order, so I decided to travel to Spitz and book a one-way boat tour from Spitz to Melk where the beautiful abbey is situated. I got the train from Vienna Hauptbahnhof, you have to change twice, once at St Polten hbf and another time at Krems hbf (beware that trains between Krems and Spitz are on the Wachau line and not run by OBB therefore an extra cost is necessary). The journey took around 2 hours and was passing through lovely scenery and of course passing the River Danube.



The station is close to the river side (around a 5-minute walk) and it is well signposted, the boat station is obvious and accessible, and the tickets aren’t too expensive for a journey that is around an hour and a half. There are plenty of seats on the boat and sitting on the top deck means you can view the wonders of the Wachau valley as you pass by castle ruins, towns and beautiful scenery.


On arriving in Melk, the first thing you see is the imposing Melk Benedictine abbey. First thing I did was visit the square and get a Wiener Schnitzel from a lovely café overlooking the beautiful square, the town itself is bustling but not too busy and a lovely place to just relax.


After the food I decided to walk through the town and up to the Abbey, you can walk around it for free however if you want to go in or to some of the other areas then you would need to pay the up to date price. I only decided to pay for one of the extras and I was so glad I did, however first I walked around the abbey taking in the architecture, it isn’t too busy giving you loads of time to appreciate everything the stunning building has to offer.



I paid for entry into the abbey’s garden, pavilion and viewing platform. The gardens are like woodlands and you could spend hours just exploring the grounds, there are lots of monuments scattered around the woodland for example a lovely gazebo structure, lots of mini gardens and lovely panoramic views from all angles. For only 2 euro 50 it was well worth the money, even on a cloudy day, I spent around 2 hours just wandering round, taking pictures and taking in the serenity and beauty of the location.


The interior of the pavilion is also beautiful, especially the intricate designs. If you fancy a coffee or a drink the two rooms have been turned into a stylish coffee house as well as outside seating if you go on a sunny day.


It started to rain so I decided to look in the museum before going up to the viewing platform. Its based-on colours and is a very quirky idea, I especially loved the paper dresses and the coloured roses but all of it was a great experience and a fun thing to do.


Finally, I experienced the viewing platform and its panoramic views before heading back out down the path to the town and back to the station. The train on the way back home that I got was direct from Melk to Wien hbf and was run by OBB, so no extra costs were necessary. However, the direct trains depend on timings and dates so check the website before travel.

Thank you for reading my 2nd BLOGTOBER post, I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am writing them. This really was a fantastic day out and I really recommend it, it’s definitely more relaxing and less fast paced than my previous Austria Itineraries!

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