BLOGTOBER DAY 1: Sound of music tour

Sound of Music tour review: Blogtober day 1

As part of my days visit to the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria I decided to book onto the Official Sound of music tour run by Panorama Tours.

The tour is reasonably priced at 45 euros per person and lasts for 4 hours all together. The tour bus leaves from the PANORAMA TOURS BUS TERMINAL at either 9:15 am or 2pm, I would recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the departure time especially if you are travelling with others as seats fill up quickly and if you arrive any later you may not be able to sit with friends/family.

The route the tour takes is full of fun, singing and laughter and there are also opportunities to buy refreshments from the coach driver during the journey.

The first stop on the tour was Leopoldskron Palace, you will know this as the back drop of the Trapp family home for example the boat scene on the lake or scenes filmed in the gardens. You view the house over the lake, it is surrounded by beautiful scenery and the water sparkles in the sunlight if you are lucky enough to go on a sunny day.


Next the tour took us to Hellbrunn Palace which is a beautiful building as well as the grounds being home to the famous gazebo that you will know from the 16 going on 17 scenes as well as a key Maria and Baron Von Trapp scene. It is situated in the beautiful gardens and although you only get a short stop it is well worth seeing.


You will also drive slowly past the original front of the Trapp family home as seen in the movie as well as seeing Nonnberg abbey, due to the abbey being an active convent the tour doesn’t take you up there however if you wish to visit the gates after the tour is over then you can at your own leisure.


The highlight for me of the tour was the Salzburg lake district area photo stop where scenes of Maria and the Children’s picnic as well as many backdrops and panoramic scenes from the film were shot. The area of Lake Wolfgang and St Gilgen is truly a stunning area – photos really don’t do its beauty justice however it is well worth a shot!


Next up there was a longer stop in Mondsee where you see the church where the wedding scene of Captain and Maria Von Trapp was filmed as well as the famous organ used in the movie. The town is beautiful with lots of quaint coffee houses and shops to enjoy as well as stunning views over a lake a bit further out.


Finally, the tour took us back to Mirabell gardens where the tour guide directed us to the steps and let us go to explore the beautiful gardens at our own pace including the tree arch where they all rode their bikes through, the troll statue that was seen in the film situated in the troll garden as well as the famous fountain and much more. (there is an option to get off at the station instead)


The tour was well worth the money, it was a lot of fun and gives you the opportunity to see places further out of Salzburg that you may not be able to see otherwise. The guides are informative and very helpful, and you get to listen to the iconic soundtrack on the way round. I would really recommend this tour!

Hope you enjoyed my first BLOGTOBER post, happy travelling!

One thought on “BLOGTOBER DAY 1: Sound of music tour

  1. Dagney says:

    Hi Kate! This sounds like so much fun! I would drive my husband crazy running around and singing at every possible moment. This is for sure one for the list. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience 🙂



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