Salzburg: Itinerary

Salzburg: Itinerary

Welcome to my third blog post! Recently I visited the quaint city of Salzburg during my 5 day trip to Austria (Vienna and Hallstatt blogs already up) however I wanted to go on the famous Sound Of Music tour so only having half a day in the city meant I had to know exactly which places were worth travelling to and where they were in the city in order to not waste limited time. In this post I will share with you my half day itinerary and all the train information you will need from Vienna! Keep reading for a detailed guide to: Salzburg!


I included details of this in my last post however I will reiterate below for those who didn’t see it.

For my train tickets I used a three-day Interrail pass which gets you unlimited travel in Austria, during my research I found booking trains based on timetables to be more limiting (especially being in a foreign country, making exact train times would be more stressful) and it also ended up costing more. However, I will include details for both ways.

Interrail pass link:



I got an early train into Salzburg so as not to waste the time I had, my train left Wien hbf at 6:30am and the journey time is only 2 hours 22 minutes, so I arrived in Salzburg hbf at 8:52am. There are many trains with destination Salzburg however due to my train time it was instead with destination to Munchen hbf. Neither destinations involve changing at any stations.

On the way back to Vienna the train left Salzburg hbf at 19:08pm with destination flughafen Wien bahnhof and takes the same amount of time as the outward journey. It arrived in Vienna at 21:30 and again there were no changes at stations.

The train times allowed me enough time in Salzburg to sight see in the morning and also giving me an hour to get back to the station following the end of the Sound of Music tour at 18:00.


Leaving the station its only a short walk to Mirabel Gardens which is a filming location in the Sound of music (they visit this on the tour however I decided to spend a bit of time there before hand as well) there are plenty of benches and walks around the gardens among the beautiful flowers.






Following the visit to the gardens I decided to visit the city itself, just a short walk across a bridge and into the main city area of Salzburg you are immediately immersed in the culture and buildings the city has to offer.

After taking pictures of the general architecture and cobbled streets I walked to Mozart’s residenz, it isn’t as full of tourists as I would’ve imagined which makes it an ideal building to snap pictures of.



There are many historical and gorgeous churches and buildings lining the streets which are perfect for Instagram photos, walking round Salzburg is like being on a movie set, the buildings are traditional and unique.


Next, I visited Pferdeschwemme (or the Horse Well) its unique and the artwork of the horses as a backdrop behind the water fountain, it’s a lovely photo backdrop for pictures as well as lovely for Instagram. You can also watch the Fiakers in the nearby area going past which only adds to the atmosphere.


After the Horse well, I visited Residenzbrunnen, it’s a lovely grand square known for its role in the Sound of music. There’s lots going on in the square and it’s a hotspot for tourism. It’s an iconic location and truly beautiful.



Talking about squares, I next visited Mozartplatz square, home to a stunning towering statue of Mozart, there are often stalls and things taking place there, it’s like a hub of Salzburg city. The monument is visited by lots of tourists and always seems to busy however it is beautiful and surrounded by flowers so well worth a visit.


Afterwards I visited the Saint Peters church and cemetery, the place is very moving, and the church surrounded by flowers is a lovely backdrop. The church is quiet which makes a change from the hustle and bustle of the city squares.



I also walked across a beautiful bridge that was another one of the many filming locations in the Sound of Music which is well worth a visit! For a famous bridge it is quiet which makes it great for photos.




Finally, I took a funicular up to the Salzburg fortress, the views over the city are perfect and the building is so pretty, I decided to get some dinner up there overlooking the grounds below, the prices to my surprise were not that expensive and the view is worth every penny, also the food was incredible!


Next post will be dedicated to the wonderful Salzburg Sound of Music tour! Out Wednesday 3rd October so make sure to follow and stay tuned on all social medias at katiethetourist for more details and exclusive picture!

Until next time, happy travelling!!

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  1. ourgloballove says:

    Lovely photos. I especially love the photos from the Fortress. The Sound of Music tour sounds interesting. I’ll have to check back in and give it a read.

    ~Jessica (

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