Hallstatt, Austria: Guide

Hi everyone and welcome to my second blog post, this post is going to be all about the beautiful, picturesque Austrian town of Hallstatt situated on the stunning lake Hallstatter See.

Before my trip I browsed online for information and details on Hallstatt but found the variety rather limited. So, I thought I would compile all the information on my trip to Hallstatt in this blog post to help anyone else in a similar situation out. Hallstatt is a lovely place that’s well worth the visit and despite how complicated the internet makes it seem it’s actually a fairly simple day trip. I will cover everything from trains to and from Vienna, to a perfect itinerary and the ferry across lake Hallstatt.


For my train tickets I used a three-day Interrail pass which gets you unlimited travel in Austria, during my research I found booking trains based on timetables to be more limiting (especially being in a foreign country, making exact train times would be more stressful) and it also ended up costing more. However, I will include details for both ways.

Interrail pass link: https://www.interrail.eu/en/destinations/austria

OBB: https://www.oebb.at/en/

The trains are run by OBB and I found them to be very reliable and managed to find seats on all of the trains I got on which is great for the long journeys! The scenery from the train is beautiful especially as you get nearer to Hallstatt where the scenery turns more rural and traditional surrounded by quaint towns, lakes and mountainous countryside.

The morning train I got was the 5:55am from Wien Hbf which arrives at 9:24am in Hallstatt, the journey altogether is 3 hours 29 minutes and you only have to change once in Attnang Puchheim Bahnhof. The train is usually 34 euro each way per person which I thought was quite expensive, but the beautiful location is well worth the price!

In the evening I got the 17:05 train from Hallstatt hbf which is the exact same journey time, price and stop, getting you in to Wien Hbf at 21:05. Alternatively, if you wanted to stay in Hallstatt a bit longer you could catch the 18:32 which arrives in Vienna at 22:05. For up to date journey details and prices check the OBB website listed above.



First of all, I decided to take a walk around the beautiful town, surrounded by the stunning scenery, it’s the perfect place to stretch your legs after the long train journey. There are a number of different paths, for example a walk up to the waterfall which isn’t too far, a route past the church which hosts spectacular views over the town as well as the lake. There is also a more touristy path through the lovely town square and past a line of pretty bars, shops and restaurants. I spent ages just walking the quiet streets and pathways, there are so many stunning scenes and buildings to capture all along the walk ways its no wonder the area is one of the most photographed and a named stunning location.



Next, I decided to walk round past the shops to the next village, Obertraun, it was a fairly long walk however you can walk along a path by the waterfront or alternatively get a boat across the lake. I did this on the way back and got on a gondola type boat which took about half an hour to get from one side to the other. There isn’t much to explore in Obertraun however it is a beautiful place and well worth the boat ride back!


By this time, it was lunch time, you would expect restaurants by the water to be expensive however I discovered the opposite – I found a beautiful little restaurant which did the most wonderful Wiener Schnitzel right on the waterfront, it was affordable, and the food and service was incredible. The name was something like Getranke Wagner however the majority of the waterfront restaurants were also affordable.


After lunch we walked about 5 minutes to the cable cars to the world heritage view point, the tickets were very affordable and the views from the top were incredible and almost surreal. The photos you can take up there are incredible and for a top tourist attraction it wasn’t that busy when I went up. Its well worth a visit if you’re in Hallstatt as you can look down on the town as well as to the surrounding mountains and lake. There is also a path leading up if you fancy the walk however given the time I had I decided it would be quicker and more of an experience to take the funicular.



Once I got down I decided to hire a unique pedalo in the shape of a swan and take it out on the lake for an hour. It was so relaxing just pedalling round the lake taking pictures and seeing the real-life swans on the lake! The 1-hour hire was around 10 euros when I went which I found was a very reasonable price especially as the pedalo itself was such a unique design. On a hot day the water splashes into the bottom of the pedalo which is great for cooling your feet!


After returning the pedalo I took one last stroll around the beautiful town before heading back to the ferry port to catch the boat back to the station.


To get from the station to Hallstatt you must cross the lake, the fare for a return is very cheap and the boat ride is a great way to start and end your day in Hallstatt! The boats are frequent, and the boat waits for the train to come in before departing at the station end. To get to the mini port from the train station it’s a short minutes’ walk down a little slope, on the other side in the town itself its right in the centre of things near to the main square.


I hope you enjoyed this post on Hallstatt, Austria and found it helpful 😊

If you are planning on visiting the area then it is well worth it!
Happy travels, Katie 😊


*any feedback, suggestions or support welcome*

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