Vienna sights in half a day

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post.

Today I’m going to share how i managed to see all of the spectacular main sights that Vienna has to offer in less than a day.

When i was researching online about the city and looking at various itinerary’s to assist me with planning my day all the websites and blog posts suggested that you couldn’t see the city in a whole day – let alone half a day.

So i decided to put it to the test by putting together a packed and exciting itinerary to see the best of the city in the time frame i had. It still gave me plenty of time to see and appreciate all of the beautiful sites Vienna has to offer and was truly the perfect day for architecture lovers.

In this blog post i am going to share my itinerary with you as well as some pictures i took of the main sights.

Happy travelling 🙂


I stayed in a very practical hotel right over the road from Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) To get from the station to the main city centre it’s either a lovely 20 minute walk past Belvedere Palace or a short tram ride with destination Wien Burgring on Tram D from Hauptbahnhof ost s.


Tickets are available from the nearby tube station literally seconds walk away from where the trams stop off. The Vienna transport system is operated mainly on trust, I never once had my ticket checked however tickets are incredibly reasonable with a student costing around 2 euro 20, there are also discounts available in certain cases with reductions of around 0.50 euros.



From the tram stop i started my trip at the beautiful Burggarten park which is home to the lovely Mozart Statue (Mozartdenkmal) there is lots to enjoy here including a lake with plenty of benches and places to sit. I spent around 20 minutes here taking photos of the scenery, walking round and sitting by the water.

Next i walked by the Museums Quartier although given the time frame I was under i decided not to go in and visit any of the museums. However the building itself is grand, like its surroundings and its difficult to miss given it being in such a central location. I would say its worth a photo stop if you’re limited to a short time frame.


The Maria Theresia monument and surrounding architecture is also something that shouldn’t be missed for a photo opportunity. This is just over the road from the Museums Quartier and nearby the Hofburg.

Hofburg and the area surrounding it is incredibly impressive. The architecture is phenomenal and you can watch the Fiakers (Horse and carriages) taking people round the city which makes for a beautiful foreground in photos. (More about Fiakers and where best to have them in a future post.) There is so much going on around the area, as well as the main famous historical building, there is also the spanish riding school and beautiful squares all in the surrounding area. Walking through the arch past the entrance for Spanish riding school tours you see a beautifully designed roof that is great for photographing, it is unique and picturesque.

After I was finished admiring the Hofburg in all its glory, I moved on to the unique piece of Greek history in Volksgarten Park, Theseus Temple Burg, this whitewashed Greek temple is beautiful, especially set in amongst the grounds of the park. Inside there are hanging fairy lights from the ceiling which would make for a cute Instagram picture. The park itself has a variety of different flowers, trees and of course lots of areas to sit. It makes the ideal place to relax and enjoy a cake from one of the many bakeries in Vienna.

The Austrian Parliament Building (Located in Rathausplatz) was unfortunately undergoing renovations when i visited the city so i was unable to take a photo, however even behind the screening its still an impressive building and i would recommend going to pay it a visit.

Votivkirche is only a short walk from the parliament building and it is a very impressive church. Photography is allowed both inside and outside of the church and the stain windows are especially impressive if you visit mid afternoon due to the lighting showing off the colours.

I also passed by Vienna University on the way back from Votivkirche which is another impressive building with the same stunning architecture as the rest of the city – well worth a picture!


Next i headed to the famous Vienna State Opera, there are beautiful arch ways as well as a grass area perfect for photos. However it is busy especially during peak time so i would recommend if you want a photo of the whole building uninterrupted taking it from the other side of the road before you go to cross over.

From the opera house i walked to St Stephan’s Cathedral where i payed 6 euros to climb the steps of the tower for views over the Vienna city. The views are stunning as well as the roof design however the steps are not for the faint hearted and i would recommend taking plenty of water, the steps are narrow and winding but the gem at the top is well worth the climb (there is also a lift however when i visited this wasn’t open.) The cathedral from the inside and the ground is also stunning.

Next stop was Mozart’s Haus, you can spot it a mile off by the number of tourists milling around outside! Despite being busy if you wait a few minutes for the original crowd to clear you can usually get a fairly good photo spot. It is well worth the photo stop and is also en route to other areas of the city.


Stadtpark is by far my favourite of all the Vienna parks i visited, its so peaceful and is home to many interesting monuments including Schubert and Strauss.

Just over the road from the Stadtpark is a Beethoven statue, it wouldn’t be worth a detour to go and visit unless you’re a big fan however it is nice to just snap a photo of on your way round the city. The Wiener Konzert Haus is also visible from the Beethoven statue, another example of impressive Architecture.

Next i visited Karlskirche, a beautiful church located in Karlsplatz. With its fascinating domes and pretty surroundings it makes a lovely location to take some photos and have a rest whilst taking in the scenery.


Just round the corner from Karlskirche is the lovely Schwarzenbergplatz fountain. I would recommend visiting here twice if you can, during the day and also during the evening when its dark because the fountain displays a stunning light show.

My final destination, was Belvedere Palace, i spent about an hour there just walking round the grounds and taking photos. I visited in the evening meaning the gardens were quieter and mostly just joggers and walkers. There are many beautiful places to explore in Belvedere palace gardens.

Finally i headed back into the city centre to have some dinner at a lovely not too expensive restaurant, Chi Lai. The food and service was amazing and i would really recommend it to anyone looking for dinner in Vienna’s city centre.

(Visit Chi Lai’s website here: Chilai)

I really hope this helped you, any questions or blog posts you’d like to see feel free to message me on my contact page.


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